Career as Personal Health Adviser

In an emerging world where people become wealthier and live longer, the would need professional advice on handing their health-related matters.The may range from providing personalised advice to fixing lifestyle regimes financial advice on insurance policy and technical advice on specific medical treatments to be done or plain advise as to which hospital to go to increasingly making complex end-of-life decision, including what terminal healthcare one should opt for, whether to opt for euthanasia, whether to stay at home , a hospice or hospital, all these matters need expert advice. Personal health analysts thus should have skills rating to health matters, financial matters,law of counselling.

Initially, such jobs will cater only to high net-worth individual, but with corporastiom of hospital, this start to come down to upper middle class level too. Personal health advises may be employed by corporate hospitals, government health system, insurance companies and high net-worth individual. Jobs may be for the long term, when employed by a hospital or a consultancy or it may be short-term while used by individuals.The skills are very portable and this could be one job that people with medical degrees who cannot practice in another country can take open.

Currently, there is no specific training to become a personal health adviser, but any individual with a graduate training in Morden medicine cab build these skills. They need to obtain additional skills in insurance as well as in counselling, law and marketing.

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Better Career as Security Experts

On the whole it is can be said that the world is becoming a safer place to live in, with much fewer number of people drying is was or crimes. Yet , with increasing wealth, level, online exposure, and less coherent family networks, the likelihood of being exposed to a petty crime, a terrorist attacks on an online stalking is on the rise. Even European cities, where crimes had come down to historic low , are once again becoming unsafe due to the constant thread of terrorist attacks. Organisation operation in a secure manner, how to keep their staff safe while at work and travel and how seal with the security issues within the legal context of a country. Country organisations and individuals therefore will need advice from security

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Career as the Learning adviser

Education is going to be a life-long activity in future with people spending shorter time in the universities at the beginning of theire career but to returning to education from time to time to update the skills at nd transit jobs accordingly. There will need for full-time learning adviser who can help people through their journey of life-long learning

The learning will evalure the background of the individual and assist them to choose appreciate learning trajectories. Within large organisations. they may conduct structure learning needs assessment to matching applicant’ skills and job requirements. In the future learning will also transit from universities and training institutes to online platform and mobile phone. With generation shift happening not just in the content of learning but also in the format of learning, the role of learning advisers to assist people to navigate the future will become immensely important.

Learning advisers may be wmlp5by local government institutions, faith-based organisation and education institutions. It is also likely that individuals will have Thierry own learning advisers who likes a jobs that general practitioners do in medicine.

The programme for training managers for IMD is an example of the type of course ( http://’manegements course.html).

Source -YEAR BOOK 1018

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Climate Change Impact on Health

The biggest health threat of the 21st century is believed to be due to higher levers of pollution, rising temperature, increased treasmission of disease unsafe water and contaminated food, and extremely weather. This article look at vulnerabilities and the way forward

More than 400,000 people around the world die annually from climate change related causes. This figure is likely to escalate other over 600,000 deaths by 2023. If we add to the health consequences of burning fossil fuels, number increase to a whopping 5 million deaths per year.

● Climate change vulnerabilities

Climate change that’s faced by India one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change impacts. include sea-suface temperature peratures, altered rainfall patterns, heat wave and droughts, floods and severe storms. There that’s will have serious implementation for the health and well-be-ing of its people.

India, with a population of over 1.343 billion, will soon be the most populated country in the World. Due to its diverse geography and variable climate india population is exposed to weather extremes, from sub-zero temperature in jammu and kashmir and Himachal Pradesh in winter, to more than 47° Celsius in Rajasthan and Andha Pradesh in summer, for example, states such as Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim in the north and Kerala and Karnataka in the south have heavy monsoons. Parts of the country the very humid while some other are very dry. Large numbers of migrants workers moves from North and south vice versa, and from rural to urban areas, in search of work and livelihood. All these factors makes and Indians more susceptible to the health effects if the climate change.

The Worldwide Effects

Population, the world over , are experiencing the effects of climate change. These are pronounced in people who are more vulnerable, economic status, access to healthcare theire location and relevant information. Young children and the elderly are more susceptible. Similarly, , low income communities are more vulnerable than the higher-income groups.

Threats to Human Health

Climate change is now perceives the biggest health threat of the 21st century Warming temperature cause higher levels of air pollution, bad agricultural yie6and poor supply besides extreme weather related hazards such as floods, droughts and storm surges. It affects public health through transmission of infection disease through unsafe water Vector-borne disease such as dengue and malarai and water-borne illness such as cholera, gastrointestis, and diarheal disease become more widespread and rampant. Warming temperature Aslockton causes dehydration, malnutrition and even food contamination.

Carbon-inrersive countries like India have numerous death resulting from air pollution (both indoor and outdoor) and crowded and unhygienic working and living conditions in unban areas Environmental pollution and poor air quality will lard to increases in cardio-vasculsr disease and respiratory illnesses such as allergies and asthma. Heat-treated stress will result in an increase in the number deaths due to stroke and heart disease .

Indian’s Challenges

Climate-change induced sea-level rise continues to be a big treat to coastal population. India has a costal inexpensive of about 7,517 km and more than million people live in LECZ areas (Low Elevation Costal Zone) .It is the world. many with population of over 1 million Even a slight increase in sea-level resulting from global warming could mean disastrous for India’s costal cities and towns, and will have serious health implementation for its inhabitants.

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What is life

To understand life better in its true essence why do we have to go to these three locations which we can surely avoid to know what life is telling us in her own sweet words:

HOSPITAL: At the hospital you will understand that nothing is more beautiful than Health. Wish I had taken more care of myself and removed all unwanted essentials from my life that did not matter to me and lived peacefully. Sometimes, you have to eat your words, chew your ego, swallow your pride and accept that you are wrong. This day would have never come in my life.

PRISON: In the prison you will see that freedom is the most precious thing. I wish I had taken caution and not done acts that were immoral or dishonest. My anger and greed had made me do acts that were totally disgraceful and I had behaved unlawfully. Life was trying to protect me on so many occasions but I did not listen to her. I did not understand what real freedom meant.

CEMETERY: At the cemetery you will realize that life is worth nothing. The ground that we walk today will be our roof tomorrow. This is the sad truth. Life has given us so many choices, opportunities and beautiful relations to nurture and love with care and compassion. We all come with nothing and we will go with nothing. Let us therefore remain humble and be thankful and grateful to God at all times for everything that comes our way.

Let us Rejoice Life, be brave, courageous and let go of things that you cannot change and begin our days with a Rainbow of Joy in our Hearts, Remove all clouds of doubts, Let the Sparkling Sun paint a Smile on your Face and Feel God’s gift in every single being. Let us Leave footprints of Love and Kindness wherever we go and Keep going forward because ķ Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations and that is Life in its true Essence.

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The very nature of jobs is changing. The jobs of the future will belong to those are adaptable and open to learning new skills. A look at the skills that you need to possess to land your dream jobs.

“Progress is impossible without change those who can not change theire mind can not change anything”

– George Bernard Shaw

As we go deeper in to the 21st century it is increasingly obvious that we are in the age of uncertainty. We cannot really predict what kind of working life lies ahead. Change has become the new normal. The nature of work is changing and the jobs of tomorrow won’t be the same as jobs of today.

If your grandparents worked in one or two careers, your parents probably worked in three or four.but those of you entering college today may be working at careers that no one has heard of today. in a lifetime across different industries and sectors, and now we are moving towards across ‘gig’ economy where you may be working in several Job at one time, freelancing and no longer confined by and a banker or a lawyer and a teacher and a writer. You don’t need ‘choose’, between one career and another.

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Transport Indian Railways IR

My this article is about Indian Railways As Better Understanding.


• India has the second largest railways network in Asia and the fourth largest in the World after the USA, Russia and China .

• The Indian Railways operate in three different gauges.





• It is the largest public undertaking of the country and the it the world’s second largest railway network under single management system.

• The first Indian railway line in India was operated for the public traffic in 1853 between Bombay to Thane over distance of 34 km.

• The second train ran between Howrah to Hoathly in 1854.

• The first electric train India was ‘Deccan Queen’, it was introduced in 1929 between Bombay and Poona

•The Headquarters in Indian Railways in New Delhi.

• The fastest train in India is Gatiman Express whose maximum speed is 160/180 km/hrs it run between Harzat Nizamuddin to Agra cantt.

• Indian Railways has the second electrified system in world after Russia.

• The total route covered is approximately 63000 km.

• The second longest train route in of ‘Himsagar Express’ from jammu Twitter to kanyakumari. It is distances of 3726 km passes through Ten States

• The first metro rail was introduced in Cacutta on 24th Oct 1983 .The two stations connected were Dundrum and Belgachhla.

• The oldest steam engine ‘Fairy Queen’ still run as rail.

Uttam Pradesh has largest railways network in India.

Mumbai CST is the busiest railways junction of India.

• Railways track electrification was introduced in early 1920s. The first two stations from Victoria Terminus to Kuala and from Victoria Terminus to Bandra were electrified. About 26% lines have been electrified.

☆ Vivek Express

• It has the longest train route in India connecting Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari. It is the 8 longest in the World.

• It was stated to commemorate the 150th birthday anniversary of Swami Vivekanada.

• It is a weekly train with a total distances of 4227 km .

• Previously Himsagar Express was the longest Express.

Konkan Railways

• It is runs from Bangalore to Roma ( 40 km South of Mumbai )

• The network involves 3 states such as the Maharatra, Goa and Karnataka.

○ It is the fastest track in India and has a total length of 738 km

• Almost 10% lines passes through tunnels.

Diamond Quadrilatera Project

• The new government at centre has promised to build the Diamond Quadrilatera Project which would connected via High-speed Rail the city’s of Chennai , Mumbai? Calculated And Delhi.

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